How to wear the puffy sleeves look

The puffy sleeves have a long journey in fashion history. We thought that we left them in the 80s along with the big shoulder pads. However, both of these trends are going on strong this 2019.

Puffy sleeves were a classic during Victorian and Edwardian times when women had very little roles in society but it was also during this time that the first signs of feminism took place in England.

With the present feminist discourse, this trend has come back for this fall/ winter 2020 and we will keep talking about it next spring too.

This winter we are going to see puffy-sleeved shirts inspired in the Victorian times, but we will also see some 80s influence in the bright and metalized colors.

The materials used are quite diverse, from the classic poplin fabric to brocade, dotted swiss, tulle or silk.

Puffy sleeved tops look great with any type of pants and skirts. You can wear jeans to make it look more casual or flared formal pants for a more put-together look.

As for dresses, 80s-inspired metallic dresses are going to be the best bet for the night and as for the day, we are going to see a more Victorian style in long and short cuts.

How to wear the puffed sleeves trend

Puffy-sleeved shirts look especially great with formal wide-leg pants. I wanted to show you a risky version of the puffy sleeve with this pink tulle blouse that even if it’s a bit more difficult to wear, the reality is that it looks great with cream palazzo pants or even jeans.

The other shirt is more subtle for every day, the sleeves are not that prominent and the metallics make it easy to translate for the night.

The boldest won’t doubt to incorporate prints into their outfits. These puffy-sleeved dresses are very different from each other. The first one has a kind of tie-dye effect in green but at the same time, it reminded me of a leaf print in an electric shock… there’s imagination for everything!

The second dress without any doubt will be a sure bet that you can wear any season as it is long enough to keep you warm but it has short sleeves so you will be able to wear it in the springtime and even the summer. Long dresses are taking the center stage and we will keep seeing them with more volume in the following seasons, so every wardrobe should have one to experiment with.

I wanted to combine both dresses with some cowboy boots since it’s one of the trends that you will see a lot this winter and will continue for spring and summer too.



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