sustainable black friday

Tips For a Sustainable Black Friday

Black Friday is the norm in America for over half a century becoming one of the most famous sales in the world. Black Friday is supposed to be just one day of sales, but many turned into a weekend and sometimes even a whole week of sales. During this time, people take advantage to purchase some of the Christmas presents of the year or items that are usually more expe[...]

christian dior and i book

5 tips every fashion designer and creative should know

We know the brands, but we don't really know the people that worked behind them. That's why I like to read autobiographies from famous designers, you get to know better their times, their vision and their legacy. Reading Christian Dior's autobiography 'Christian Dior and I', I found about a person with its own doubts of starting his project but he finally carried a[...]

Marie Kondo book

How to Organise Your Life With Marie Kondo

Don't know where to put your latest purchases at the sales? Maybe your wardrobe needs some clear out and the organisation expert Marie Kondo knows quite a bit of that. With her KonMari Method she teaches you how to get rid of anything in your life that doesn't spark joy and also, she teaches you how to fold and keep all your items in the most efficient way.