How to Organise Your Life With Marie Kondo

On January 1st Netflix released worldwide the reality tv series ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo‘. I think this is a hint from Netflix to start bringing order back to your life after binge-watching during Christmas. Deep down, Netflix wants to help us!
If you don’t know Marie Kondo and her famous KonMari Method, she is an organization expert in Japan who became an international success with her book ‘The Life Changing-Magic of Tidying Up‘. In her book, she spills all the secrets to organize your house from your wardrobe to your kitchen, bathroom, garage

The KonMari method is a great way to bring positive vibes back to your life.

Marie Kondo makes you take an object or a piece of clothing and ask yourself it ‘sparks joy‘ and if the answer is no, thank that object for having been useful in the past and put it apart so you can donate it, recycle it or sell it. She follows this process of gratitude almost like a meditation with your environment and all the objects around you making it so much easier to get rid of them — a great way to bring back all the new positive vibes to your life!

Marie Kondo makes the tedious task of folding so much easier.

Her method is not only about getting rid of your clutter with a positive attitude but the way you keep them in your wardrobe is also a very important part of the secret to keeping that order. The KonMari Method also consists of the art of folding your t-shirts so they take up as little space as possible in your wardrobe. She shows you how to fold your t-shirts, pants and jeans, intimates, socks, and even bedsheets so you don’t have a mess in your wardrobe. She makes the tedious task of folding into something super easy. 

Viral in Youtube

The KonMari Method went viral two years ago with millions of Youtubers talking about her book and showing how they followed her tips. After a few months watching this type of videos, I ended up buying it and trying it myself.

My experience

I tried everything she said while I was reading it. She warns you from the beginning that it’s not an easy task that you finish in a couple of days, it actually takes a work of weeks. In fact, in the Netflix series, it lasts at least one month.
I decided to apply this method to my own wardrobe and it wasn’t as easy as it looks like. I started getting rid of everything that was too big or too small and I didn’t wear anymore. But then all my doubts started and there were some pieces that I liked and I would wear every day but they were not compatible with my lifestyle. I will say that even if I didn’t get rid of many of them, it helped me to organize my books and university notes. Let’s be honest, who is going to go back to them when we have all the information in our hands?
What helped me the most was the folding method that I still keep because it really helps you with the space-saving in your wardrobe as well as when you are packing your suitcase
This organization is a never-ending work and it could be difficult to maintain but the secret formula is doing it every day and you will see some change eventually. And if you don’t get to see it, you can always say that you are a genius who finds order in your own mess  😎

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