el papel de la mujer en la moda

The role of women in the fashion industry

When it comes to fashion, women have always been in the center both as a market as well as in production.... but why are there so few women in leadership positions?In the conducted by PWC, 'Unraveling The Fabric Ceiling', they found out that even though there are more women than men in fashion schools (80%), it is men who always get to the higher positions.Diving int[...]


Why the fashion industry should adopt a circular economy?

It's nothing new that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. 10% of global carbon emissions come from this industry. Furthermore, it's second on water waste. But the truth is that 85% of the clothes end up in landfills and even microplastic remains coming from polyester fibers can be found in oceans. It's a global problem and[...]

digital fashion week

The future of the Fashion Show

The technology that will change how we see fashion. Everyone has been talking about what the future of fashion is going to be like and especially how it will develop this year during and after COVID. The truth is that fashion week has changed a lot in the past few years. In the past, a fashion show was a more exclusive event. Designers invited press, buyers, and cel[...]

sustainable black friday

Tips For a Sustainable Black Friday

Black Friday is the norm in America for over half a century becoming one of the most famous sales in the world. Black Friday is supposed to be just one day of sales, but many turned into a weekend and sometimes even a whole week of sales. During this time, people take advantage to purchase some of the Christmas presents of the year or items that are usually more expe[...]

influence of astrology in brands

The influence of astrology in brands

There was a time in history when astrology was the only way to plan the future and it was considered a science, but all this changed in the age of reason. Since then, astrology was seen as a mere entertainment that you can read in the daily newspaper. In the last years, the interest grew especially among millennials and many brands have taken advantage of this oppo[...]

puffed sleeves look

How to wear the puffy sleeves look

The puffy sleeves have a long journey in fashion history. We thought that we left them in the 80s along with the big shoulder pads. However, both of these trends are going on strong this 2019. Puffy sleeves were a classic during Victorian and Edwardian times when women had very little roles in society but it was also during this time that the first signs of feminis[...]

copenhagen fashion week 2020

Trends from the Copenhagen Fashion Week 2020

Scandinavian countries have been on top of fashion and design for several years. Scandinavian style or best known as minimalism, it's characterized by its simplicity, the use of neutral colors, clean lines and especially comfort. However, inside Scandinavian style in fashion, we can see an opposite current full of vivid colors and prints also called Scandinavian.One o[...]

tendencia tie dye verano

Why tie dye got popular this Summer?

Tie-dye is a dying technique that literally consists of dying a piece of fabric with knots and ties. It got very popular during the hippie movement at the end of the 60s and 70s, but it was already used in India and Japan where it was called "shibori" where they used a blue dye to create unique designs But it wasn't until the hippie revolution that it became a popu[...]

sustainable snakers

Sustainable Sneakers

After Greta Thunberg and millions of young people around the world joined her in the international movement against climate change on March 15th, it's a reality that the future must be sustainable. We cannot avoid that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. It produces mountains of trash in the poorest countries, but the worst pa[...]

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid

Madrid Fashion Week 2019

About a week ago, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was held in Madrid to present the latest collections for next Autumn/ Winter. Of course, I didn't want to miss it so I spent the day in Madrid with two other friends.