“It’s a new era in fashion- there are no rules”

-Alexander McQueen



Welcome to The Trend Gaze! My name is Maria Pilar and I’m a fashion content creator and coolhunter. 
I see fashion from multiple perspectives which makes me explore all its possibilities in a world where anything can be possible.
Fashion has its unique ways of showing who we are and it’s evolving with us.
In my blog, I will explain how future and present trends emerge, talk about the latest collections and anything that has an impact on the fashion industry.
Get ready to look at fashion in a different way.

Projects and Collaborations

I prepare visual or written content for brands, I organize online private consulting or personal styling sessions for clients.

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Why is coolhunting essential for a brand?


I’ve realised that when fashion is really good and really challenges and takes a risk, it is incredibly artistically powerful. It makes people dream.


“Creativity takes courage” – Matisse


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