el papel de la mujer en la moda

The role of women in the fashion industry

When it comes to fashion, women have always been in the center both as a market as well as in production…. but why are there so few women in leadership positions? In the study conducted by PWC, ‘Unraveling The Fabric Ceiling’, they found out that even though there are more women...

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Why the fashion industry should adopt a circular economy?

It’s nothing new that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. 10% of global carbon emissions come from this industry. Furthermore, it’s second on water waste. But the truth is that 85% of the clothes end up in landfills and even microplastic remains coming...

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Researching the unusual through storyliving

This is not the type of content that I usually write about but when I was searching “storyliving” and all its different applications, I found that it could be an interesting tool for trend research and I wanted to look more into it. I hope you find it interesting and...

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whimsical prairie moodboard

Whimsical Prairie: Cottagecore Magic

In an idyllic scenery in the middle of nature but with a touch of magic and fantasy, that is the place that I imagined for this mood board titled Whimsical Prairie. The most common elements that you can find in this world are: Pastel colors in pink, lilac, green, blue...

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moodboard green and blue

Color trends: Green and blue

If classic blue was named color of the year, green is the next one in the list. Green is the color of nature par excellence and it’s no surprise that it has become one of the colors of the season. Its connection with the environment and life makes it a...

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digital fashion week

The future of the Fashion Show

The technology that will change how we see fashion. Everyone has been talking about what the future of fashion is going to be like and especially how it will develop this year during and after COVID. The truth is that fashion week has changed a lot in the past few...

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classic blue moodboard

Color of 2020: Classic Blue

At the beginning of every year Pantone anounces the color that will represent that year. Classic Blue was chosen as the color of 2020. And what makes this color so special to become the chosen one?  Pantone studies and tracks all the colors that appear most frequently in all the...

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sustainable black friday

Tips For a Sustainable Black Friday

Black Friday is the norm in America for over half a century becoming one of the most famous sales in the world. Black Friday is supposed to be just one day of sales, but many turned into a weekend and sometimes even a whole week of sales. During this time,...

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influence of astrology in brands

The influence of astrology in brands

There was a time in history when astrology was the only way to plan the future and it was considered a science, but all this changed in the age of reason. Since then, astrology was seen as a mere entertainment that you can read in the daily newspaper. In the...

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copenhagen fashion week 2020

Trends from the Copenhagen Fashion Week 2020

Scandinavian countries have been on top of fashion and design for several years. Scandinavian style or best known as minimalism, it’s characterized by its simplicity, the use of neutral colors, clean lines and especially comfort. However, inside Scandinavian style in fashion, we can see an opposite current full of vivid...

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