The influence of astrology in brands

influence of astrology in brands

There was a time in history when astrology was the only way to plan the future and it was considered a science, but all this changed in the age of reason. Since then, astrology was seen as a mere entertainment that you can read in the daily newspaper.

In the last years, the interest grew especially among millennials and many brands have taken advantage of this opportunity to get close to them and release collections and personalised products.


Millennials and astrology

A key element in the popularity of astrology comes from Meme culture on Instagram. Accounts that create memes on the famous Mercury in retrograde make it so easy for people to relate and share it ironically. The irony in memes plays down the meaning of astrology while it builds curiosity, and it’s that millennials are more open-minded to new ideas than older generations.

Millennials feel that nothing is secured and living with that uncertainty, they search that support in astrology not only to find answers but also to get to know themselves better. Self-discovery and self-knowledge are trends that we see in practices like yoga or mindfulness but many people find in astrology through their birth chart the answer to who they really are. That’s what Carolyne Faulkner explains in her book The Signs who specializes in dynamic astrology as a tool for self-discover, becoming a bestseller who succeeded in making astrology cool again by getting rid of the superstitious elements and rooting for the evolution of the individual.

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How do brands incorporate astrology?

In the last year, hundreds of new apps related to astrology emerged, Co-Star, Sanctuary or The Pattern  are some of the most downloaded ones. They analyze your birth date, place and time to show you your own birth chart (the position of the planets at the time of your birth) and sends you a lecture of your personalized horoscope every day.

Astrology is leaving a mark in the younger groups and we are seeing this in how makeup, perfume and fashion brands are using this trend to their advantage.

The Mayfair Group, a public relations, social media, and design agency with a focus on the youth market share the horoscope every week on Instagram and their online shop features zodiac-inspired clothing.

Makeup brands like MAC have also jumped to the zodiac-wagon and have launched new collections like the one with Youtuber Pony Park or Colourpop, with The Zodiac created by another Youtuber, Kathleen Lights.

Other products play with the mysticism of the zodiac by combining it with another mystic element, aromatherapy. Candles and perfumes from Birthdate Candles are personalized with an special essence and brief description inspired on your birthdate. As well as brand Zodica Perfumery that has created a perfume for each zodiac sign.

The union of fashion and astrology

Fashion couldn’t resist to this trend and while reading Christian Dior’s book, I found out that he also was a follower of astrology and even trusted the readings of a fortune teller. John Galliano already introduced this inspiration in Dior as well as Maria Grazia Chiuri in the Spring/ Summer 2017 collection with zodiac-embroidered dresses. And this year Dior launched a whole jewelry collection dedicated to each sign. 

Necklaces are an easy way to include this trend for most of brands and many brands like Ganni are using accessories in the form of keychains or Prada with the handbag that turned out to be a hit in 2017.

As old brands introduce these elements in their collections, new brands don’t doubt to incorporate astrology into their branding, just like Dooz. They make matching handbags and t-shirts to combine, and then you decide if you choose your favorite color according to your sun, rising or moon sign… 

The fact is that astrology has become the best communication tool for young people, expressing who they are even if they do it ironically.