Tips For a Sustainable Black Friday

sustainable black friday

Black Friday is the norm in America for over half a century becoming one of the most famous sales in the world.

Black Friday is supposed to be just one day of sales, but many turned into a weekend and sometimes even a whole week of sales. During this time, people take advantage to purchase some of the Christmas presents of the year or items that are usually more expensive.

This year we’ve heard about the negative impact of pollution produced by industries like fashion making Black Friday blacker than ever.

Trying to promote a more sustainable version, over 180 French brands won’t join this year to the Black Friday craze and will celebrate Green Friday instead. During this day, they will promote more sustainable practices raising awareness of the negative effects of overconsumption.

For this reason, we need to think more about what we buy. We should stay away from impulse buying and especially don’t get driven by the low prices. I will give some tips for those who want to purchase anything this Black Friday while keeping a sustainable approach.

Tips to Black Friday Shopping

Invest in good quality pieces

Take advantage to invest in quality over quantity. Think about those pieces that you wear more often and that you should update. Now is the perfect time to check those brands that offer good quality but they aren’t close to your budget at full price.

Pay attention to the clothes’ materials and production. Invest in wool for warm sweaters or organic cotton for t-shirts.

Get ahead of the trends

If we already know beforehand the trends for next season, it’s going to be easier to identify those pieces that we are going to wear more often. If it’s a short-term trend for just this year, it will stay in our closets until next time is back. That’s why we should take advantage of the sales to purchase pieces that we are going to wear this winter as well as the coming Spring, and maybe we will see them next winter too.

Orange is one of those colors that can be easily translated from summer to autumn. Moreover, this winter, orange is one of the trend colors to wear. Use the sales to give your wardrobe a touch of color this winter!


Purchase sustainable brands

If not only you invest in quality and get ahead of trends but also you purchase from sustainable brands. You did it, you had a sustainable Black Friday!

Sustainable brands don’t really have sales during Black Friday because it’s against their slow fashion principles. One of these brands is Ecoalf. On their website, they show the reality of fast fashion and they include some tips to take care of your clothes and give them a second opportunity.

In the same line, there are some brands like Everlane, that won’t participate in the sales but they will donate 10$ of every purchase to end with single-use plastic. 

I hope you got some inspiration from this post to change Black Friday to Green Friday and if you purchase anything, you do it from sustainable brands and investing on quality, key points if you want that piece to last in your wardrobe for a long time.