Color of 2020: Classic Blue

classic blue moodboard

At the beginning of every year Pantone anounces the color that will represent that year. Classic Blue was chosen as the color of 2020. And what makes this color so special to become the chosen one? 

Pantone studies and tracks all the colors that appear most frequently in all the different areas of design and everyday life. The most popular color turns to be the color of the year and must represent the attitude and mood of that year.

Classic Blue represents “calm, trust and connection” which is what we are looking for and need during this seemingly connected era. Being surrounded by technology makes us long for honesty and protection and this is what Classic Blue symbolises.

Its timelessness is so easy to assimilate and understand, Classic Blue is a color that we can trust.

In fashion, Classic Blue can be seen in denim fabrics characterised for being a timeless fabric. It always comes back —it never really disappears— and has been reinvented in a thousand ways every single year. Therefore, denim is that wildcard option that we can find in every wardrobe — easy to combine and never disappoints us in those days when we have nothing to wear. It lasts out trends and never gets out of style.


  • Communication
  • Calm
  • Trust
  • Stability
  • Connection
  • Peace
  • Tranquility
  • Concentration